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1/6/09 7:27:39PM
i was just wondering if anyone could tell me if you can upload movie files and use it for your AVATAR???

Is it only available for Premium members or can normal members doit??
1/6/09 7:32:38PM
Not entirely, if the GIF is under 40kb then you're good, to check the kb's on the GIF, right click the mouse and select properties
1/6/09 7:35:17PM
If it's a movie file (.avi, .mpg, .mpeg, etc) you'll first need to convert it to a .gif using a movie editor program. Then you can slim it down to 40 kb using a .gif animator program.
1/6/09 7:45:34PM
Or slim it down by getting your gif. Richard Simmons 'sweating to the oldies'. Its hours of fun.
1/6/09 8:00:01PM
Only GIF and JPG files can be uploaded. The size limit is 40 KB for normal members, 240 KB for Premium Members.
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