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9/13/07 10:29:04AM
I'm in a tight spot and I can't decide which Gi to get. I am torn between a Koral and a Vulkan. I know they are basically made the same and from the same company pretty much. Can anyone give me feedback as to which is better and why? Thanks a ton.
9/13/07 12:03:33PM
I would go with the Koral. The Vulkan Gi's are very light which is a good thing for competition. But I find that the heavier your gi is, the more it helps you become a better grappler.Not only is a thicker gi more durable, but it is heavier which makes you work harder and in turn you get stronger,(kind of like running vs running with light weights on your hands and feet). This effect is magnified even more when you consider the thicker gi holds more sweat, which makes it even heavier and makes you get an even better workout.

Not only does it increase strength slightly, it also forces you to become more technically sound with your BJJ as a thicker gi is easier for your opponent to grab and hold on to. This forces you to work a little bit harder to maintain position and in turn, your BJJ game will become better as a result of this.

Go with the Koral, it will last longer and your game will improve as a result of this!
9/13/07 1:39:48PM
is this for BBJ,judo, what will it be used for?
9/13/07 4:37:28PM
It will be for BJJ. I already have my competition gi (school wants us to use their gi), but I was looking for a backup / alternate training gi.
9/13/07 5:03:19PM
I'd get the cheaper one, as long as it isn't a karate gi.
9/13/07 9:12:42PM
I find that Toraki has a great selection of Gis, and has great prices. Albeit their judogis, the single weave ones are only around $60 and would work just fine for BJJ.
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