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POLL: Who will win?
Amir by ko/tko 11% (3)
Amir by Sub 61% (17)
Amir by Decision 18% (5)
Nick by ko/tko 7% (2)
Nick by sub 0% (0)
Nick by Decision 4% (1)
12/18/08 11:45:47PM
K anyone who knows me knows I loves my Amir but why is Catone an underdog? He has literally 5 times the experience......... I still think Amir will win but i don't understand the logic. Is it because he is more famous or cuz the friggin sweet mullet!!!!
12/18/08 11:51:05PM
more people know who he his, and not many people know they pick who thy know.

that said, I think Catone still should be an underdog, ad Amir has an advantage standing and has better ju-jitsu...only area Nick has an advantage is wrestling..and I dont think its good enough to conrol him for 3 a decision
12/19/08 12:28:47AM
Catone is an underdog because most of the picks on playground are for amir. Im sure catone will still be an underdog on most betting sites because amir is know and won TUF.

Also just look the level of competition catone has faced, its not stellar.
12/19/08 9:22:26AM
i guess what you have to realize is how betting lines are affected by bettors. the lines will no doubt open with amir as a favorite because of his exposure on tuf so the oddsmakers know that more people will bet on him, and thats what makes him the initial favorite. then as more and more people place bets on him he becomes a bigger favorite, or if more people bet on cantone the odds will shift towards cantone. the main thing is what i said about the initial lines though.....the oddsmakers know more people will bet on amir so he is the favorite.
12/19/08 12:14:15PM
I think cause he has this cool fan at this site called mmaplayground
12/20/08 2:46:11AM

Posted by SpiderSilva

I think cause he has this cool fan at this site called mmaplayground

why thank you

your check is in the mail.
12/20/08 2:52:09AM
Because the TUF winners always get a fight they should win as there follow up.

I may not know who Catone is, but i trust that Lorenzo Fertitta does.
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