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8/20/08 10:15:07PM
Hey whats up im Tyler. Im wanting to get in mma and dont know alot about it. i use to be in take wan do wich i have heard will not apply like at all to mma. i watch mma some times and ufc. when ever i get the chance to but anyways my dad was saying that it might be good to get into judo or another form of marshal arts instead of jumping straight into mma. Im 5 7 and weight 130. What would you guys suggest that i do?? Thanks, Tyler.
8/20/08 10:21:42PM
in my personaly opinon and this is just me becouse its how i started but wrestling is the best entrance discipline. but ppl that do various forms of karate will say thats the best. but wrestling gets you in shape mentally and physically and i sugest you become profeciant in it then expand into muy thai in my opinion its the best for standing again its just me those are my two strongest attributes dont get me wrong you need jujitsu but it comes easier once your ground game opens with wrestling. hope that helpd any thing else i can do repost so send me a PM
8/21/08 12:27:00AM
I think the days of one base style are fading fast there are MMA gyms popping up everywhere find a good one in your area and get after it.
8/21/08 10:55:28AM
Go to the training forum (which is where I am moving this thread) and read the pinned posts before you post any more. There is a lot of good information in those pinned posts.

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