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8/12/08 5:16:19AM
..does anyone have a concrete source for the addition of the Hardonk/Velasquez fight to UFC 90? I saw it briefly on Wikipedia like a week ago but now it's gone and all the other MMA sites I visit haven't posted or list anything about it. Any one got a link to a source? If there even is one.....
8/12/08 11:26:26AM
i saw it on the fantasy picks but i never heard anything about, i thought cain was going to be out with an injury but now im not sure.
8/13/08 4:01:48AM
I'm bumping this up the forum. Anyone?
8/13/08 4:03:11AM
I dont know, but heres a courtesy bump for your troubles
8/13/08 2:45:28PM
I added it because I saw it on Wiki, but didn't bother to check the source on it, considering how far out it was. Its probably off now because of the injury to Cains knee, but I'll leave it up for a bit, just incase. No sense in making everyone pick again if it pans out.
8/17/08 2:41:32PM
I did a little bit of digging and this is what I found. It dates back to this past Thursday so it's quite recent.


Looks like Velasquez is scheduled to fight on the card. It just won't be against Antoni Hardonk. The UFC should've really made this Werdum vs. Velasquez but I suppose they need to build and preserve their up and coming talent considering how thin the division is.

It's obvious they wanna have Werdum as their next #1 contender too so yeah....that's that I guess...
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