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7/6/08 8:22:48PM
if its illegal to grab the fence how is it legal to push off of it with ur feet
it doesnt seem right to me
7/6/08 8:27:03PM
i guess cause your not actually grabbing the fence, you are pushing off of it.
7/6/08 8:43:42PM
i just think if u cant grab the fench to help the situation ur in u shouldnt beable to do that with ur feet it just seems weird to me
7/6/08 8:46:53PM
Just pretend it's a wall...it's a fence so the audience can watch.
7/6/08 9:15:05PM
Basically it's like this.. If you hold onto the fence with your hand, you can keep from being taken down. The fence is just as much a part of the floor when it comes to feet as that mat itself.
7/7/08 1:37:06AM
I have seen some of them dudes wrap there nasty as toe's around the fence before, talk about disterbing
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