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7/3/08 5:40:58PM
1st Question anyone know when dan henderson is fighting? i think he needs a win Badly i think ufc may have his back against the wall

2nd Question: is matt hamill really fighting rich franklin cause i look on ufc site nothing going on with them so is it a lie or true?
7/3/08 6:08:56PM
I would say Hendos back is against the wall his only 2 fights were vs the champs maybe if wasn't fighting in title fights he might be close but title fights he was fighting for the title hes sill top 3 at 185 and top 10 at 205
7/3/08 6:15:49PM
Henderson vs Palhares at UFC 88 apparently
7/3/08 6:41:20PM
I really doubt that "his back is against the wall" Look at his losses. He lost to anderson silva who seems almost unbeatable at the moment, and to quinton in title fights. Generally champions don't lose their belts and then just get instantly cut. He's still a top fighter in 2 weight classes. He's going to have to lose at least 2 more in a row before his back is against the wall.
7/3/08 9:36:33PM
The perks of being ranked top 5, you have so much momentum behind you that even when you lose a few in a row, you still have forward progress. He has to drop a couple more fights vs lesser opponents before his back comes within a mile of that "wall".
7/4/08 1:03:42AM
Yes Franklin is fighting Hamill. it's been confirmed i beleive
7/4/08 9:12:28PM
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