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10/3/07 10:44:23PM
Im looking to get another gi (have Atama at the moment) that would be a nice back up gi. I am looking into a few different kinds, Koral, Vulkan, Sirius, and Keiko. If you guys had to chose what one would you pick and why? Thanks a ton for your help.

10/3/07 11:02:48PM
Korals actually rip so I don't suggest getting that
10/4/07 3:20:17PM
I don't really know the ones you listed but I have a gameness and they are very popular and seem to be very good.
10/6/07 5:48:13PM
I agree with gameness, I have a pearl weave and a single weave they're both great. Here's a place that has great prices

I've ordered from them and they're really fast.
10/9/07 5:42:15PM
I will have to check into gameness, thanks for the help so far. There should be a review section in the forums for this kind of thing
10/10/07 5:40:51PM
I only believe in No gi training
10/11/07 7:31:29AM
Sadly my school doesnt offer no gi anymore. I'm not sure if there wasnt enough interest in it or of they are just going away from it in favor of MMA class training.
10/20/07 5:32:54PM

Posted by hotrodttt

Korals actually rip so I don't suggest getting that

My Koral has held up fine.

My next gi will be a Keiko.
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