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6/18/08 6:07:32PM
I live in the UK and I want to watch it live online, what time does it start?

6/18/08 6:16:22PM
The show is on at 10p eastern tonight
The finale is Saturday at 9p eastern

I think there is a five hour difference.
6/18/08 8:24:34PM
its a hour and a half tho im not sure if thats important tho
6/18/08 8:58:14PM
1 hours time at 3am our time, and apparently its a 90 minute show this week!
6/18/08 9:09:46PM
Im staying up to watch it to. I really want to see what happens with somebody getting kicked out. Not to mention the CB amir fight looks like it could be pretty good judging by last weeks clips.
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