Quentin Rampage Jackson vs Glover Teixeira UFC 153

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7/11/12 7:53:26AM
With the recent disputes surrounding Quinton Rampages career coming to and end with the UFC and recent interviews where Rampage has expressed his lack of fuel for fighting and contractual differences with Zuffa, not to mention having one fight left on his contract, one can only wonder if this could be the last time we see Rampage fight in the UFC.

Glover Teixeira seems to be a name that nobody wants to lock horns with in the UFC so is Joel Silver pairing him up with Rampage for obvious reasons, not to mention a win over Rampage would be a good move for Glover's resume. Out with the old, in with the new type of thing .... People who do not believe the UFC is a business, This match right here IMO begs to differ. Pit one of your hottest prospects against one of your older ex-champions who is on his way out the door. Through the eyes of the Business, this match up makes sense.

I wonder, does Rampage still have what it takes to pull it out of the bag ? Based on his last performance i am not sure he even cares about fighting anymore as he stated he was looking to leave the UFC and go into the movie Business a bit more.

Any thoughts ???


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