Quatro Campeões: Junior dos Santos is taking the heavyweight title back to Brazil

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12/25/10 10:55:20AM
We know heavyweight number one contender Junior dos Santos is a knockout artist but according to the Brazilian bomber, he also has it in his head that he can take down wrestling standout and current UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez.

No date has been announced for their fight but in the same interview "JDS" states that he was told by company President Dana White that if he were to win the title, his first defense of the strap could very well come at UFC: "Rio" when the organization makes their long awaited return to his homeland.


Video in article as well
12/25/10 2:59:12PM
This in my opinion will be the first time we will have a heavyweight title fight where we can honestly say that the winner is the undisputed number 1 heavyweight in the world. There is nothing Fedor can do to regain his spot at number 1 without going through the UFC gauntlet.
12/25/10 4:40:10PM
Two years ago Fedor was easily the #1 heavyweight, and close to the top of the pound for pound list, if not on top. Even though he lost to Werdum (due to carelessness, I feel), he would have slipped down the ladder without the loss.

He needs to fight the best. Alistair Overeem would be his first hurdle, although I am sure he wants to avenge his loss to Werdum. After one or both of those fights, he would need to enter the UFC and get that belt. I don't know if he's had an opponent the caliber of a Cain Velasquez, Junior Dos Santos, Brock Lesnar, or a Shane Carwin in the last 5 years.
12/26/10 2:54:04AM
fedor is no longer relavent in the heavyweight division IMO. with all the politics involved in him fighting he will have spent far to long away from fighting top fighters. he would get murdered in the ufc i think as well by overeem.

back to JDS, i seriously doubt he will take the title from valasquez. he hits hard and has good hands bit i think cains hands are better, his wrestling is better, and his cardio is second to none. im not saying hes unbeatable but i just dont see JDS doing it.
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