Quarry Talks Starnes And The Rock-Hammer

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4/27/08 9:15:17AM
Nate "Rock" Quarry won a unanimous decision over Canadian fighter Kalib Starnes at UFC 83. He also won over a lot of fans for his performance and in-Octagon antics during what turned out to be one of the most bizarre fights in Ultimate Fighting Championship history.

Following his bout with Rich Franklin at UFC 56, Quarry underwent back surgery to repair disc damage from a degenerative condition that resulted in having several vertebra fused together. Many thought his fighting career was over. Defying the odds, he returned nearly two years later at UFC Fight Night 11 with a knockout victory over Pete Sell.

Following his successful comeback, Quarry requested a bout with Kalib Starnes. The bout was turned down by Starnes’ camp. “When I called Joe Silva at first to make my comeback in the UFC, I just thought (Starnes’) style would be perfect for mine and it would be a good warm-up fight for me," Quarry told MMAWeekly.

"(Silva) contacted his camp and the response was, ‘No. We don't want that fight. He just lost. We just won, so he doesn't deserve to fight us.’ At that moment I just kind of made a mental note that some day I'm going to give you a beating if at all possible."

4/27/08 12:32:21PM
Kalib Starnes camp now consists of...........Kalib Starnes and Kalib Starnes vagina. Hopefully the vagina doesn't get tired of hearing him cry like a little girl.
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