UFC putting its star power to the test with busy late 2009 schedule

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6/26/09 1:42:26AM
With reports coming out that there could be as many as seven and possibly eight UFC fight cards in the final 19 weeks of 2009, matchmaker Joe Silva has his work cut out for him. Here is what's shaping up:

8/29 - UFC 102 (Portland)
Main event: Randy Couture v. Antonio Nogueira
9/16 - UFN 19 (Oklahoma City)
Main event: TBA
9/19 - UFC 103 (Dallas)
Rumored main event: Cain Velasquez v. Shane Carwin; Matt Hughes v. Mike Swick
10/24 - UFC 104 (Los Angeles)
Main event: Lyoto Machida v. Mauricio Rua
11/14 - UFC 105 (Manchester, England)
Main event: TBA
11/21 - UFC 106 (Las Vegas)
Main event: TBA
12/5 - TUF 10 Finale (Las Vegas)
Main event: TBA
12/19 - UFC 107 (Las Vegas)
Main event: Quinton Jackson v. Rashad Evans

6/26/09 3:13:45AM
Well, with UFC 103, I heard a rumor that Rich Franklin and Chuck Liddell will Headline that Card, but I'll wait till I get a better source before I believe it too much....

I think we're a bisping win over Hendo away from Silva/Bisping at UFC 105

Plus, after UFC's 100 and 101 the Welterweight, Lightweight, and Heavyweight titles should all be ready to go by the time UFC's 106 and 107 hit, so I think They'll be able to pull it off.

Oh yeah, I know the early reports are that Rampage and Rashad will be the main event of UFC 107, but it wouldn't surprize me at all to see a title fight or two added to that card.

Either way, it'll be fun to see it all unfold. Seeing who gets to fight who is ALMOST as fun as watching the fights, especially when you predict a match-up before it's announced

EDIT: oh yeah, I know it's getting close now, but I wouldn't be shocked if the UFC puts up a last minute fight night again to counter affliction on AUG 1. It's short notice again, but that way affliction won't be able to counter and move it back. But if it was gonna happen, I bet we'd know by now.
6/26/09 12:34:16PM
Why not just show a replay of 99 or even 100 to counter affliction
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