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1/31/08 9:24:06PM
The last few months my buddy hasnt had the internet and proper working PC...So as a friend and camp leader ive put his picks in for him the last few events and it sucks cause i have to sit on the phone and wait while he ponders who he wants to pick and answer questions like how many wins by this method..and how many losses by this method..

But i guess i just wanted to say i didnt want a mod or someone seeing the same Ip's for mine and his picks and think i have 2 accounts...I access this site from work and at home so im not sure how many different ips show up or how it works..He should have his shit working by the next event after 81 so im stoked about that...i really hate talking on the phone for over 5mins especially with a dude talking about other dudes.Speaking of i need to get this 81 picks in...
2/2/08 2:04:41PM
i share a computer with my brother and he has an account and thay have not closed me or him down
2/2/08 2:05:25PM
his record sucks though
2/2/08 2:54:19PM
Shouldn't be a problem.

I share a computer with one of my camp members, and I also have a good friend that is a Navy seal, and does not always have access to a computer. He very often gives me his picks over the phone.

Anyone can tell that we am not trying to work anything as our stats suck though, and are always pretty different in the picks.
2/2/08 5:52:03PM
Don't sweat it. I don't want to get into the system we have, but its pretty damn good at picking up on duplicate accounts. If we haven't said anything about it, you're fine.
2/5/08 1:06:01PM
Your a good Friend. Make him buy you a case of beer.
2/6/08 3:45:29PM

Posted by madmarck

Your a good Friend. Make him buy you a case of beer.

I like the way this guy thinks...