Who is putting alota money on Hardonk?

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7/20/07 7:31:32PM
I am putting 1k on Hardonk and here is why. He is a great kickboxer and very strong..but lacks a good ground game. The thing is though Mir has looked very, very bad lately. Pe De Pano, BLH, Vera all demolished him. I really think that the Mir of old will not be coming back. I still can't believe Hardonk is a 3-1 underdog as well. Guess we will see.
7/20/07 7:58:27PM
im putting 19$ on him. hardonk for upset of the night.
7/20/07 9:21:07PM
7/20/07 11:12:41PM
he definitely isnt 3:1, i think a lot of people hear: former heavyweight champ and pick him with out any research. Not sure who im picking yet though
7/21/07 11:38:09AM
mir hasnt been the same since the motorcycle accident, im puttin 50 on Hardonk...
7/21/07 10:08:14PM
I also am surprised Mir is 3 to 1 favorite considering his inactivity and unimpressive showings lately. I will likely bet a little on Hardonk to hopefully triple my money, I'm hesitant as I am somewhat unfamiliar with him. I need to watch one of his recent fights - I don't think watching any previous Mir fights will provide much information as to which Mir shows up.
7/23/07 6:10:14AM
LOL that was a great typo as it looked like twenty20dollar was only going to put $19 on him

Yeah im going for about $130 on him, WISH this was main card instead of the Huerta fight tho!!!


Its around 50/50 tho as IF Frank gets him down he should be able to sub him, but DEFINATELY worth a fairly big wager with those odds
7/23/07 6:13:42AM
jr13 - watch his debut ufc fight if you can (it was an aired prelim at UFC 65) it really shows his nasty leg kicks, but also i have just hosted his fight in ROTR against Wes Sims on this site so check it out
7/23/07 11:55:17AM
I'm putting $75 on Mir, because he's been out for a while and will come back to the UFC to prove that last time was a fluke against Vera and I belive that he will take Hardonk to the ground and submit him.
7/25/07 1:11:53AM
got 550 on hardonk
7/25/07 7:10:13PM
I was thinking about it just because of the odds but he has zero takedown defense and once mir gets him down its over so i decided against it.
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