PureCombat to stream live Sat. Nov 1 on Sherdog

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10/31/08 3:33:23PM
From Mike Fridley (managing editor):

Just a quick reminder that Sherdog.com will offer a live stream of Nov. 1's PureCombat show.

As always, the stream will be free to all users.

PureCombat is introducing a bantamweight title to their growing promotion.

The title fight will be between David Granados (5-3-1) of Merced as he takes on Sacramento's own Chris "Dark Lotus" David (10-7-2).

Granados is a Gladiator Challenge (GC) and King of the Cage (KOTC) Veteran; with a win and a loss in PureCombat.

He trains with the Last Stand fight team with Art Arcienega and Rolando Velasco.

When asked about his opponent Granados didn't know much about him. "I think he likes to take most of his fights to the ground and has great experience," said Granados. "But to me it really doesn't matter most of the time."

David's preparation and training has gone well, "I feel really comfortable whether it be on my feet or on the ground," said Granados. "I have a lot of good lightweights to train with."

He is ready for the chance to fight for a championship. "Definitely excited, something I've been wanting for a while."

Chris David, a GC and KOTC veteran is making his PureCombat debut. He trains with Nelson Ocampo who will also be fighting on the card.

He doesn't know anything about his opponent and prefers to keep it that way. "I'm more likely to get psyched out," said David, "I've hurt myself in the past by over analyzing."

But regardless of not knowing about his opponent he is prepared for war. "I'm going to try and beat him in every aspect."

Besides a win, Chris intends on making this a highlight reel fight to intimidate future opponents. "I'd like to get a gogoplata (submission) or a head kick knockout."

Chris feels he's ready for the main event and the title; when he steps in the cage in front of a hometown crowd. "This is my time," said David. "This is a huge step and Sherdog is covering it, I want to put on a good show."

This is the third championship introduced into PureCombat.

Joining the welterweight championship held by Brett Cooper, who won the title at PureCombat's first event beating Jason Von Flue. As well as the middleweight championship held by Jaime Jara.

One of these fighters will be crowned the new bantamweight champion as PureCombat presents "Halloween Bash." Live November 1st from the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium.
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