PureCombat This Past Saturday: 3 SECOND KO!

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7/30/09 6:45:57AM
Skip to the 51 second mark of this clip and don't blink.

Unofficially, it ties the record for fastest-ever KO in an MMA fight. The fight was part of a PureCombat event this past Saturday.
7/30/09 9:55:35AM
This is pretty sweet. I saw it on another site yesterday.

*Ding* *Crack* *fights over*
7/30/09 12:50:48PM
That is crazy!!!
7/30/09 1:26:27PM
When Ramirez wouldn't/didn't touch gloves with Wattree during pre-fight instructions, Wattree perhaps should've taken that as a precursor to what was coming. It still was really something, of course I was going off over it.
7/30/09 5:01:54PM
I'm thinking his corner told him something along the lines of James Irvin's corner when he fought Houston Alexander

"Go out there and hit him with your hardest shot, first punch." 3 seconds later... boom. Freakin awesome.
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