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4/15/07 9:52:44PM
Were looking for new guys to join. So if you want to be part of the best camp here come join !!!
4/15/07 11:36:42PM
maybe he did it when he was on your team
since he is an ex-member of it.
ever thought of that?!?!?!
4/15/07 11:37:00PM
Are you even allowed to advertise someone elses camp that you aren't in
4/15/07 11:40:06PM
when you were once in it then...yeah!
4/15/07 11:53:56PM
Why you two fighting team PA is a good camp and Team Wolfpack is a rising camp (Which i am in LOL) we should not fight each other but help one another
4/15/07 11:59:27PM
Yeah i guess so but now its too late. He got deactivated.
4/16/07 7:50:02PM
Good Stuff.
5/19/07 2:53:59AM
5/19/07 7:28:26PM
Being that I can't seem too fill my camp I'd like to join along with my brother and sickman760 and son killinmachine32 if thats good. I want an active camp
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