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8/16/08 10:39:08PM
So Lambert is dropping to Middleweight for his fight against Jason Day at UFC 88.

What are yout thoughts on the matchup. And also, how do you think Lamberts man-boobs will be affected by the 20 pound cut?

Personally, I think Lambert TKOs him in the 1st or 2nd barring gassing after 1 round from the weight cut.

But almost as importantly, how will Lamberts chest look at 185?
8/16/08 10:43:58PM
Damn, when I first saw the title of this thread I was going to move it because I thought it was about comics. lol

I'm sure Lambert's chest will be saggy
8/16/08 10:48:01PM
yes he can use that extra skin to help people with burns
8/16/08 10:53:52PM
They'll be hanging, but maybe not as thick. He'll need to get breast surgery to lift those up and get rid off about 10 feet of surplus skin ....

But yea Lambert by TKO, He is very aggressive with his ground attacks (GnP), and he'll finish him like Bisping did.
8/16/08 11:20:14PM
lambert has lost two in a row i think th weight loss and drop to middlweight will cause him to pull a vera
8/17/08 12:24:22AM
I think lambert gets the tko late in the first.
8/17/08 4:15:05AM
I think Lambert's gonna Take him Down, Pound on him for a Little Bit or Ear-Holing like he says, then he'll take Jason's Back off of a Scramble then get the Submission Win. Similar like what he did against McDonald minus the Kimura
8/17/08 5:33:42AM
I think Lambert will TKO Doomsday in the first.
8/17/08 5:54:50AM
This doesn't go past the first. Either Lambert KO's Day quick, or he gasses and gets finished late. Later this fight goes, the more it favors Doomsday. That said

Lambert, 1st round KO.
8/17/08 7:59:37AM
Defiantly Lambert KO late in the first or early second. As for the Man-Boob issue... I can't be the only one on here who secretly wishes they stay!

All glistening and soft... Like a pillow made of skin.

Jason Lambert I fear you.
Jason Lambert's man boobs I love you.
8/17/08 4:23:56PM
Lambert will probably take him down and lay and pray, occasionally posturing up to break the rubber guard of Doomsday. Hey thanks for the tapes Mr Bravo! Lambert wins via unanimous decision.
8/17/08 4:41:18PM
Lambert needs this win bad. He is the stronger fighter. If Day can keep a good jab up and pick him apart with his longer reach he would have a shot. Otherwise I would think Lanbert has this one.
8/18/08 2:18:27AM
I'm picking Day...he just seems like a gamer while Lambert seems...well...done.
8/18/08 2:55:17AM
This is at MW..?

I might consider changing to Day now that I know that, but who knows Lambert will be hungrier for a win thats for sure.
8/18/08 11:01:49AM
Doomsday is gonna take this one. I've picked Lambert in his last few matches because he had experience, power, and an aggressive attitude, but he's done. Learn from the past...Lambert was never an amazing fighter and now he's just getting worse.
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