Punching Bag Techniques

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3/27/07 1:13:15AM
So how do all u other fighters out there punch the bag? Has hard as u can or lightly? How do u train for ur punches and kicks?
3/28/07 4:44:01AM
With kicks I try to hit the bag full power, to simulate the snap of kicking an opponent, bu when Im punching I like to mix between stinging with light hits to improve my combos, and then mix it up with bombing full power to work on power, and it changes the pace, and raises the heart rate.
3/28/07 3:23:42PM
When I practice, I practice as if I am in a real fight scenario. You don't load up on all of your punches, some you do, some you don't. Practice mixing speed combos in, and power combos. The speed combos will help you with explosiveness.
4/2/07 4:15:09PM
in a 3 minute round I go 10 sec speed, 10 sec box, etc and the last 30 sec speed.

also 10 sec power, 10 sec box, 10 sec power, last 30 sec power

for kicks at first I would keep it really simple. Jab, cross, kick and cross, hook kick etc.

4/4/07 3:30:06PM
I train at my local Kickboxing gym in cookstown!

We start off on a timer, 3 minutes a round with a buzzer going for 10 seconds every minute and at the end of the round to tell us to speed up!

I try to mimic myself in a fight situation, by using my footwork, covering up alot when not throwing and i concentrate on speed, technique and a high work ethic!

I like to throw out my jab twice(mixing up the power), followed up by a powerful right, and roundhouse kick to the body or face!