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3/14/08 10:49:23AM
what muscle group do you use more in the punch...i work out twice a day but i was just wondering how people got the knock out punchs..or are they just lucky :/
3/14/08 11:43:49AM
Your hips
3/14/08 2:43:13PM

Posted by Rush

Your hips

Yep as Rush said, the twist (or rotation) of your hips will put tremendous power into your punches if done correctly, but i think if you wanted to answer you actual question, not just the KO power part, i believe you use the tricep most if you are like Frank Trigg pre hip rotation, because thats the muscle that lets you extend your arm with great speed, so i guess... learn to rotate your hips with your punches for KO power and keep working out brother!
3/14/08 3:27:09PM
thanks for the info ...so now thats the next thing on my list to learn :D
3/14/08 4:07:18PM
True, the motion is most important.
The right cross is a personal favorite for the knockout.
Accuracy when throwing punches will make up for power.

I fought a guy who demolished me without throwing one power punch in a muay thai rules sparring match.

What will cause more damage than any aggression you'll ever dish out is the unseen punch. A double jab or a single followed by a stiff jab, then boom, right cross, hook, or overhand right.

Rossboxing.com is a good source for boxing specific tip as far as I remember.

Keep in mind straight boxing specific tactics do not translate well into MMA.

Everything is thrown off due to the gloves and rules.
3/14/08 8:20:00PM

Posted by Rush

Your hips

3/14/08 11:06:44PM
i agre the hips play a big part but IMO u need everymuscle to punch. u need to do squats for legs, bench for the upperbody punching muscles. twists for the twisting muscles. and chinups in order to be able to pull it back faster. hitting them right on the chin is the best way for a KO.
3/15/08 12:25:29AM
A powerful punch comes from you inner NINJA

Or by shifting weight properly through your hips
3/15/08 11:40:06PM
Gluteus Maximus.......just like rampage said....he'll knock you out with his ass.
3/17/08 3:24:20PM
A good punch starts from the feet. You need a good firm stance that is well balanced, secure, but not planted. Your legs are the initial generator for the punch, your hips add the snap. I've heard from strict Karate schools that shoulders are to remain square with your opponent, but I find a little shoulder rotation adds a little extra reach should you want. Your arm has little to do with a good punch as long as you can guide it to where you want to hit. The arm is mostly the guiding force of the punch, but your legs and hips will deliver the force.
As far as muscles go, you don't need strength so much as you need endurance. Triceps, shoulders, upper back as a whole (I'm not an FHP worker so I don't give a shit about the latin names), your core (lats, obliques, stomach, lower back) to properly transfer power. Also, calf strength is good for movement, though this is not so much for punching specifically. Practice practice practice, and you'll get a good form down in no time.
3/17/08 5:36:58PM
Most of your power comes from your hips. You use the force coming from swinging your hips and by extending your arm. Also, don't fully extend your arm because you will hyper-extend it.
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