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1/21/13 4:14:11PM
Hey guys,

Feb 2nd - Aldo vs Edgar is a great card, and this card is well stacked so it should produce some great competition.

The main event is a great fight, but I am more pumped for the Fitch vs Maia fight.

Since Maia dropped down to WW i think he's looked the best he has ever been. At WW i feel Maia is a new improved version of the Maia we saw when he fought as a MW. Maia has put together two very nice wins on the bounce against good opposition in Dong Hyun Kim and Rick Story.

I feel Jon Fitch is a tough fight for anyone and unlike some fans i love watching Fitch dominate his opponents by smothering them. His ability to out wrestle people mentally breaks them and you see this on their faces come the third round.

I see this fight as an interesting match up as i feel Fitch is so confident on the ground that Maia's BJJ will not phase Fitch at all, so i see Fitch approaching this fight pretty much like any other classic Jon Fitch game plan. With the criticism Fitch has taken in the past for not being a finisher, He certainly tried to finish Silva in his last fight so i see Fitch trying to get a stoppage in this one.

As for Maia, I believe he too is more than confident to go to the ground with Fitch and believes his BJJ can get the job done. Bj Penn showed us all that Fitch can be controlled on the ground with BJJ. If Maia has done his homework, he must of studied the Fitch/Penn fight in preparation on this one.

I would definitely Give the edge to Fitch in this fight, But i am rooting for Maia. This fight is Interesting to me because i am curious to see what type of approach Maia will take to this fight and what type of preparations he has made to deal with the relentless pace of Fitch when he smothers guys on the mat.

How do you guys think it will go down ... ???

1/21/13 4:23:56PM
YES I am pumped for this fight. I have Maia taking it. He looks good at 170. Can't wait. Fitches controlling style could be nuetralized by Maia's dangerous Sub skills. I think it will be an exciting fight, with a potential for fight of the night. It is a solid card. Can't wait.
1/21/13 4:38:32PM
Your damn right i'm psyched for this fight I'm a massive fan of Fitch and I think he has an advantage in this fight purely from his cardio. The longer this fight goes the more I see it being Fitch's fight and i'm hoping Fitch keeps himself smart on the ground and doesn't get tapped otherwise he may never get another title shot.

This is a great fight and a great card though can't wait for this weekend
1/21/13 4:42:16PM
I cant wait for this!! Fitch will dominate, rag dog Maia like he did Silva and then start his number 1 contenders case again. All while Hendricks sits on the sides sulking about Diaz getting the title shot.
1/21/13 5:33:59PM
I think Maia threatening from the bottom may keep Fitch from capitalizing and keep him from completely dominating him (Fitch will have to work for control). I do think Fitch's control slightly outweighs Maia's offensive skills. If I'm wrong, I think it will be an early finish for Maia, but Fitch will have to stay vigilante to avoid a late fight submission because Maia can end it all the way to the end.

I think the wild card will be Maia's striking. I say it hasn't looked too shabby lately, and he might not be worried about take downs as much as some other fighters, so he can let loose with his hands.

Maia's ground work might actually turn out being a wild card, because it has surprised me in the past when I was reluctant to root for him. He might actually neutralize or match Fitch in the scrambles, turning it into an exciting fight by anyone's standards.

This was a hard prediction for me. I admire them both as fighters, but I'm not the biggest fan of either, so I haven't followed them as thoroughly as some other fighters.
1/21/13 5:47:05PM
Here is a thought, Does anyone think that Maia may come out and try to stand with Fitch ? He tried that strategy for the start of his fight with Munoz, another great wrestler ???
1/21/13 6:01:08PM
Unless Maia chokes out Fitch, not that pumped for it.
1/21/13 6:12:58PM
Great fight for both men. Gotta go with Fitch.
But if maia wins by sub I'm willing to take a loss on my picks for it
1/21/13 6:39:58PM
I'm pumped for this fight as well. Maia has looked great since the move to Welterweight. This fight is gonna or should I say should be very competitive.
Maia has a chance to win and I think that chance is via Submission. I do think Fitch is capable of staying out of trouble and winning the Decision here.

If things pan out right for Fitch with a win, GSP win over Nick Diaz, Rory MacDonald win over Condit and an Ellenberger win over Hendricks. I see Fitch getting the next shot. That could change of course if Hendricks does what he is favored to do and that's beat Jake Ellenberger. Either way as long as Fitch wins he will be very close to another title shot. However with this Division as stacked as it is a loss will set him back a great deal.
1/21/13 7:35:34PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

Unless Maia chokes out Fitch, not that pumped for it.

this is why i am pumped for this fight. i think he will sub fitch
1/21/13 8:09:45PM
As Joe Rogan would say "there's bjj black belts and then there's damian maia black belt"

Fitch is going to sleep!
1/21/13 8:17:52PM

Posted by SpiderSilva

As Joe Rogan would say "there's bjj black belts and then there's damian maia black belt"

Fitch is going to sleep!

Av bet?
1/21/13 8:21:11PM


And to think I used to find him boring.
1/22/13 12:58:50AM

Posted by State_Champ


And to think I find him boring.

1/22/13 4:31:14AM
im looking forward to this fight more than any other made so far for 2013.

Im tipping maia to take it. His stand up has improved out of sight over the years and his ground work and sub finishes are still the best in the division. (i mean who the fuck does that to rick story)

Anyone who wants to AV bet me, bring it !
1/22/13 8:51:42AM
I can't bet against Fitch, unless he's fighting GSP. I know Maia is sick, but that rnc Silva had locked on Fitch was nothing to scoff at. It was as if he just kind of shut off for a little bit waiting for the smallest opening, and then he was out of it. Maia also doesn't have the striking of Silva, so I would be a monkey's uncle if he managed to drop Fitch. Fitch actually has decent standup contrary to popular belief, I see him taking a UD.
1/22/13 11:11:05AM

Posted by SmileR

Posted by SpiderSilva

As Joe Rogan would say "there's bjj black belts and then there's damian maia black belt"

Fitch is going to sleep!

Av bet?

I'm in
1/22/13 12:24:53PM
Fitch takes this one all day. He won't be submitted he's a blackbelt too and one of the strongest wrestlers in the division, I think he'll have the slight advantage on the ground actually.
1/22/13 3:36:40PM
Maia all day long

1/22/13 5:24:58PM
I hope Maia Strikes with him and tries to keep it on the feet. I cannot see Maia submitting Fitch or vice versa so this fight will be a decision win, most likely to Fitch unless Maia can pull out the upset. I am a fan of both guys but i would like to see Maia get the win.
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