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7/28/08 3:13:06PM
After Pulver held his own for 5 rounds against Faber, one of the top P4P fighters in a lot of people's opinions, and he's done very well at featherweight having only one loss, do you think he'll be able to earn another title shot, and if so, how do you think he'll do.

I think he definitely has the ability to get another shot at Faber, and will do so with a couple more victories. I also think he'll have learned from the last time and do better if they fight again.
7/28/08 3:51:48PM
Jens has always been good and this is his real weight class. That being said I don't ever see him beating Faber. He may win a round or perhaps two but I think in the end Faber is just the better fighter.

He is probably the second best fighter in the division though by a little bit at least. But that doesn't make anyone happy....I wouldn't want Pulver to feel like Rich Franklin. Though he didn't get dominated another loss to Faber could put to rest another title shot until Faber drops the belt.
7/28/08 3:53:31PM
7/28/08 4:22:48PM
we will see when he faces leonard garcia
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