Pulver Ends 6-Fight Skid with Submission at XFO 38

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1/23/11 3:37:59AM
link WOODSTOCK, Ill -- Jens Pulver isn’t ready to hang up his gloves just yet.

The former UFC lightweight champion survived a whirlwind start to his XFO 38 featherweight main event bout at Woodstock Harley Davidson Saturday night with Mike Lindquist, snapping a six-fight losing streak at the 49 second mark of the first round with his first win since December 2007.
1/23/11 3:40:07AM
Before you all start hating.....Yes I know his opponent was 6-19 with 12 sub losses....and that Jens should retire....I just hang on em'....what can I say. War Lil Evil!!!!!!!!
1/23/11 3:49:25AM
Good for Jens.
1/23/11 7:32:11AM
Im happy for Jens.
considering the ref had the best odds of winning the fight.

retire with a win
1/23/11 11:19:59AM

Posted by Kpro

Good for Jens.


Now retire please.
1/23/11 11:55:26AM
It's more likely he does retire now. He didn't want to go out a loser (on the losing streak he was on).
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