Pudzianowski calls Tim Slyvia "Blubberry","Past his prime",and a "Redneck"

MMAPlayground.com » MMA General » General MMA Talk » Pudzianowski calls Tim Slyvia "Blubberry","Past his prime",and a "Redneck"
5/14/10 8:00:34PM

Well at least the guy knows how to hype a fight.

5/14/10 9:17:01PM

Awesome post. This only makes me like him more.
5/15/10 1:23:27AM
blubberry fatcake
5/15/10 3:25:16PM
The guy is a quick study - he's got the hype thing down. Now if he can just put Big Timmmmay to sleep....
5/15/10 3:49:15PM

Posted by scoozna

The guy is a quick study - he's got the hype thing down. Now if he can just put Big Timmmmay to sleep....

shouldn't be hard
5/16/10 7:53:36PM
First off, before i rant, let me say that im not much of a Sylvia fan. but lets be honest, he is more then likely going to kill MP in the ring. MP is huge yes, and if this was arm wrestling, or a weight comp, or a test of who can throw **** farther, then MP would win. but this is MMA, and he is going to be killed by Tim Sylvia. and when i say killed, dont be so sure that im joking. this guy has the gas tank of a dodge power wagon. now Sylvia is no Prius, but he can for sure out last the worlds largest muscle. i predict Sylvia takes this one with a 1st round TKO. then MP can return home, beat nobodies, and then eventually realize that not just anyone can find success in MMA. thanks for reading.

5/17/10 1:37:59AM
I respect that viewpoint. BOUTTE, LOUISIANA
5/17/10 6:51:31PM
Wow, this guys really likes himself. Which in turn makes me like him less. I respect Mariuz as a fighter but he has only had one fight. And shouldnt be talking like this.Tim has had a lot of fights and actually was a champion. Timmy should be able to outpoint him striking if he can get past the first minute of Mariuz's bull rush strategy
5/17/10 7:28:59PM
He's had two fights.
5/18/10 1:17:54PM
really I could've sworn he had like 4
5/18/10 5:29:56PM
Four booked I think, only two have taken place.
5/25/10 8:15:32PM
My bad he had 2 fights!! And it showed in his performance. After tqking some punishment, Mariuz completly fell apart. He obviously couldn't take the punches. Pudz has the athletic prowess to be an MMA fighter just not the warrior spirit!!!
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