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4/10/09 7:59:38PM
Shonie Carter: I must say from experience -- only after dealings with Frank -- I think that it is a bad matchup with him since his athletic ability can only carry him so far. This Nick Diaz is a very tough “strika grappla,” and I know personally that Frank has a friggin’ problem with them southpaw fighters. I also gotta look at the fact that Nick Diaz dude is a tough club thug vato loco that learned him some fighting and is the taller of the two Mexicans. Let's face it, one Mexican is hungry and lookin’ for revenge; the other isn’t and lives in the suburbs. Who do you think wins? I am Negrodamus, and I have spoken
4/11/09 9:29:04AM

Frank Shamrock: Shamrock by KO in two rounds and looking good at 179. That’s all I got.

Nathan Diaz: Diaz. [Expletive] Shamrock.

Sums both of there characters up so well.
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