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7/5/08 6:17:29PM
MMA fighters including Dan Henderson, Frank Shamrock, and Tyson Griffin among others make their predictions regarding the main event.

7/5/08 6:27:22PM
Interesting that so many pros think Forrest will win.
7/5/08 6:35:20PM
"rampage will smash him".....

screw you frank shamrock!! Forrest will smash YOU! 1st rd TKO.
7/5/08 6:36:46PM
Also known as Xtreme Couture fighters.
7/5/08 7:10:28PM
i think forest can pull out the win
7/5/08 7:11:07PM
I thought the most interesting thing was that Randy Couture never clearly stated who he thought would win and had a lot of "ifs" regarding forrest's shot at victory. i find this interesting because he was very vocal about his prediction that forrest would upset shogun.
7/5/08 7:15:35PM
Frank Shamrock's got it right.
7/5/08 7:39:50PM

Posted by TuFanboi

Also known as Xtreme Couture fighters.

Ya notice Randy did not pick a winner for this fight. He just said forrest is strong.
7/5/08 7:52:25PM
Its don't think Tyson Griffin, Couture, or anyone else training at that gym or with Team Quest would pick against Forrest. Interesting opinions though. Should be a great fight. I think Machida should get the next title shot, or maybe after one more successful fight. Then I would really like to see Anderson, if he beats Irvin, fight the LHW champion.
7/5/08 8:06:53PM
I did a little searching, and found that it will absolutely be up for purchase on direct tv here's a link...


Am I losing my mind or was someone looking for this?
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