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9/6/08 7:05:04AM
This Saturday down in sultry Atlanta, the UFC is delivering one heck of a fight card.

However, one fight in particular has the MMA world abuzz: Chuck Liddell (Pictures) versus Rashad Evans (Pictures). Looking at the fight a bit closer, the keys to victory for each combatant seem quite simple: Will it be Liddell’s superb sprawl and debilitating striking power or Evans’ athleticism and speed that reign supreme? turned to the pros for their opinions:

9/6/08 7:41:09AM
hahaha, they had to edit Lutter's caveman speak to make it legible.

Liddell... knockout. Too good.

9/6/08 1:53:01PM
Randy is right, except Rashad has been in the same position in his last couple of fights and didn't pull the trigger and push himself.

If he came in with a whole new game he could do it, but he probably wont, since he would have done that against Tito.
9/6/08 2:03:37PM
Rashad is smaller than liddell, which i think is bad for rashad trying to takedown liddell, unless its a straight up bull rush which i also dont think work fully work.
9/6/08 2:46:55PM
Cung Le (Pictures): Chuck will win by decision. It’s his power punching.

this seems like an odd quote for some reason. Power punch his way to a decision? i dont know...
9/6/08 3:09:13PM
Chuck by ko, simple as that.
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