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7/23/11 12:31:58PM
So after Nate picked BAMMA, I noticed a lot of people tried to critize Nate's choice and it got me wondering, what is everybodies opinions on the top 10 promotions overall, in terms of fights, competition everything. Me being a Brit probably ranked BAMMA higher than most Americans but still

MFC, TPC, Titan, EFC Africa, Legacy, Shark Fights, UCMMA, Superior Challenge, heck even YAMMA ;-) or even Moonsin or KSW Are all but to name the hundred there are so here we go.

1. UFC
2. Strikeforce
3. Bellator
5. Shark Fights
6. MFC
7. Titan FC
9. WVR
10. Taichi Palace
7/24/11 3:38:52PM
I have heard of all of those.................except BAMMA!
I think it's more like this:
1. UFC
2. Strikeforce
4. Bellator
5. Everyone else
7/25/11 4:18:21PM
For me, there isn't much reason to rank promotions outside of the UFC. I view most fighters as on their way out of the UFC, trying to get in the UFC, or just regional level fighters who are content to stay at that level. I hate to generalize, and that is probably one of the worst generalizations I have ever made. But, that's how I look at it.

The furthest I would rank promotions is the top three, and in my opinion they are:


I have a hard time deciding who is number two, Bellator or Strikeforce. Before the Zuffa purchase of SF, I probably would have said Bellator hands down. But this year, and even before, Bellator has probably had the worst referees and judges I have ever seen. I have seen more than my share of terrible, highway robbery, grand theft, prison ass rape decisions.

In the past however, Strikeforce has been guilty of almost-as-criminal mismatching. Robbie Lawler vs. Matt Lindland? Are you kidding me? Who didn't get 11 points for that first round KO?

That is just my personal feeling on the whole deal. Of course, I love MMA in all forms. I watch MFC, Dream, anything on HDNet, Shark Fights, whatever it may be, whoever is in the cage. There is nothing like an MMA bout.

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