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1/13/13 10:10:41AM
I've finally reached my first 'BIG' goal in the Corps; become a Non-Commissioned Officer.

E-3 to E-4 isn't a big deal in the other branches since its fairly easy to obtain, but the Marines really take pride in it. March 15th makes 3 years since I've been in and this is what I've been working for.
1/13/13 10:45:27AM
1/13/13 11:21:22AM
That's awesome man

Glad we have people like you around
1/13/13 11:28:26AM
Way to go Forrest
1/13/13 11:32:16AM

Posted by airkerma

Way to go Forrest


Thanks a lot, all of you.
1/13/13 11:49:30AM
Good job corp
1/13/13 12:24:30PM
1/13/13 1:07:48PM
Well done MTG! Thanks for being legit and layin it on the line for us
1/13/13 2:08:47PM
Good job devil dog!! I suggest getting you PME completed asap, picking up a billet (mcmap swim etc) and keeping a high pft if you want to continue your progression. Also don't let it affect who you are or how you lead...basically don't forget where you came from or what made you successful to begin with.
1/13/13 3:54:07PM
yea make sure to do your 8000 series (assuming they still do that shit, i got out in 2009). and remember, this is your chance to lead marines. take all the good leadership traits you've experienced but dont forget the bad traits too. when i picked up corporal and Sgt. i used that chance to lead marines the way i wish some of my NCO's would have lead me. congrats man

some of the best times i had in the Corps was when i was a corporal. its a great rank because i had responsibility and seniority, but still got to train and work hard with my troops. semper fi
1/13/13 3:56:42PM
Congrats MuayThaiCorporal13!
1/14/13 12:24:52AM
Congratulations! You will actually see some money in your paycheck now. I was in the Navy so I know how little the pay is when you are an E-1 to E-3.
1/14/13 4:46:48PM
MuayThaiGeek, if you plan your career right, you will be in good hands during these hard economic times. I don't know if you plan on staying in for 20 years of not but you should think HARD about it. The military offers the best job security in the world.

Here's the layout for you if you choose to stay in and make it a career.

1. Become E-6 (10 years approximately )
2. Cross over to become an officer as an 0-1.
3. Retire as an 0-4 or 0-5
4. Receive pension
5. Work a civilian job
6. Your life is made.

That is something you should think about. Good luck.
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