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2/4/13 8:00:51PM
Does anyone else think Dana needs to stop telling guys they're next in line for a title shot after a fight? Not only does the guy tell it to more than one guy who is fighting (sometimes even on the same card) but lately they all end up losing. Maybe it puts additional pressure on them or maybe they overlook their current fight or maybe its a complete coincidence. But every time he tells someone they seem to get knocked off lately. They should leave it until after the fight
2/4/13 8:05:38PM
2/4/13 8:40:40PM
Dana needs to stop making promising and changing his mind.

Also people need to stop asking him these questions, that's when he gives these answers and promises.

Tell people they have the title shot after they win a big fight, not before, so they possibly don't play it safe. That happened in the past.
2/4/13 9:54:11PM
I don't ever believe anything Dana says
I would probably be promised sex on a first date than someone a title shot
2/4/13 11:53:08PM
keep it out of the media at least.
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