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2/11/08 11:15:03PM
Project Mayhem is my team, just started up today, and i havent been a mamber for all that long.

But i believe i know my shit when it comes to UFC, but not so much about other organizations. Im looking for some new recruits that would be able to give me a hand with other fight companies. This includes fighters histories, strengths and weaknesses, and hot tips.

Project Mayhem believes in good ol' brawling. That means a nice mix of Muay Thai (elbows, knees, kicks, punches), street fighting (headbutts, dirty boxing, kicks on the ground, stomps) throws and other strength work. Using not only traditional techniques, but everything you would need to survive a real world fight.

I know these most of those things aren't allowed in most MMA orgs, but this is why we miss Pride is it not.

Anyone interested, feel free to join.
2/15/08 1:46:40AM
how do i join!!!
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