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8/14/08 2:40:17PM
8/14/08 2:57:29PM
man its too bad he went down that path in life...the guy was an awesome up and coming fighter with loads of potential....potent striking with a good ground game....too the spida to a decision not to long ago, even tho he got dropped in that fight.....i bet if he had continued fighting, he would have been top 10 if not borderline top 10
8/14/08 3:10:51PM
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8/14/08 10:00:13PM
Yeah i saw this on E60 the other night. I remember hearing about his brawl with tito but nothing about the heist until then.
8/15/08 9:00:45PM
All he could do was punch hard. He fought nobody.
8/18/08 1:07:38PM
he fought anderson silva. i just read about lee murray in the lastest espn mag, its a crazy story.
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