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3/25/08 3:45:17AM
I see a lot of misinformation across MMA message boards in regards to professional boxing records of the fighters (such as always hearing that Davis had a much better boxing record than Lytle). Boxrec is a site that I've used long before Sherdog's fightfinder, and is essentially the same thing (with a much better layout) for boxing records.

Marcus Davis - Davis' Pro Boxing Record
Chris Lytle - Lytle's Pro Boxing Record
Nick Diaz - Diaz's Pro Boxing Record
KJ Noons - Noons' Pro Boxing Record
Denis Grachev - Grachev's Pro Boxing Record

If you know of any MMA fighters that have had some professional boxing experience, just input their name on boxrec.

Interesting side note - In Lytle's last pro boxing match in 05, he TKO'd a guy who went on to be the biggest challenge so far to top ranked and undefeated at 21-0, Jean Pascal, on ESPN's Friday Night Fights just 2 months ago.
3/25/08 7:39:25AM
Don't worry, I had this already. Sorry, I'm not going to format the URLs.

Mohammed Ali*: 56-5
Ray Mercer*: 35-6-1
Tommy Morrison*: 47-3-1
James Warring*: 18-4-1
Matt Skelton: 21-1
Jeremy Williams: 42-5-1
Eric Esch (Butterbean): 77-7-4
Melton Bowen: 35-9-0
Yosuke Nishijima: 24-2-1
Art Jimerson: 33-18-0
Marcus Davis: 17-1-2
Chris Lytle: 13-1-1
Jan Nortje: 10-0
Alessio Sakara: 6-1
KJ Noons: 7-1
Orlando Weit: 8-8
Travis Fulton: 15-19
Jens Pulver: 4-0
Jerome Lebanner: 4-0
Tra Telligman: 4-2
Ray Sefo: 5-1
Pat Smith: 5-10-2
Siali Siliga (Mighty Mo): 2-1
Nick Diaz: 1-0
Vitor Belfort: 1-0
Anderson Silva: 1-0
Ricco Rodriguez: 1-0
Oleg Taktarov: 1-0
Per Ecklund: 1-0
Mark Hunt: 0-1-1

*boxing champ (WBC, WBA, IBF or WBO)
3/25/08 12:01:12PM
apparently mma fighters dont do as bad in boxing as everyone claims they would. everytime somone mentions a boxing match everyone says "the mma guy will get knocked out in the first" seems not to be the case
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