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11/26/08 12:05:50AM
The remaining representatives from near-defunct fight promotion ProElite are doing what they can to stop EliteXC welterweight champion Jake Shields from leaving the fold.

Shields’ manager and father, Jack Shields, on Monday told that an unnamed lawyer representing ProElite informed him on Saturday that his son was not a free agent.

The elder Shields, along with several fight managers under the ProElite umbrella, in late October sent the company a “notice of breach” letter asking them to fulfill their promotional and payment obligations within 30 days or their contracts would be abandoned.

ProElite responded to the letters on or around Nov. 3, stating they were in the process of “downsizing” and said they planned to continue promoting in early 2009. They also stated that EliteXC fighters needed express written consent to fight for other promotions.

11/26/08 1:06:59AM
Hasn't ProElite done enough to destroy the sport already? This sort of stuff is a complete joke. They've got no use for their fighters at this point. CBS had to pay the entire bill for their last fight night. At that time they had less than $500K in physical funds banked away. That's not even enough to pay Kimbo for one fight! I can't understand why they are still posturing about potential cards in 2009.

They don't have the capital necessary to book a show. They don't have the credibility to gain investors. And they don't have a clue what MMA even is! Not only did they disservice the entire sport with their primetime circus' this year. But they also want to pretend they still have an organization when it's very clear that the game is over. ROLL OVER AND DIE ALREADY

It's completely shameful what they are doing to the fighters they have under contract. These guys have families to support. Not only do they not make a prize purse when they don't fight; but they can't bring in sponsorship funds either. What does ProElite have going for themselves that is so damn important that they need to roll the bus over all of their fighters.
11/26/08 2:24:02PM
Great...another way to put a guys career in limbo. Now it'll be even longer until we here whether or not some of these guys will be coming to/returning to the UFC. Tight!
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