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3/31/07 9:57:29PM
I have been trying to load their website for the past hour or so with no results. Anyone else having the same issues?
4/1/07 4:45:47AM
Yea I've got the same problems. After the loading, the poster for the event shows up and nothing happens....
4/1/07 12:51:46PM
I got it to work last night but passed out right before Mayhem's fight
It was like 3:30 or something (not really sure I was bombed)
4/1/07 1:55:43PM
Ya, I got it to work last night as well. Passed out during the undercard, woke up for Mayhem's fight and saw Trigg/Lawler also. Trigg/Lawler was a really, really good fight.
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