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8/8/10 11:53:08AM
i thought that was pretty bush league, i mean theres no rule against that, the bell sounds and you fight, but i found that to be pretty cheap. im not saying he won because of that or anything, but i was hoping he would continue to take a beating after seeing that. credit is due for one helluva comeback, but that wasnt needed.
8/8/10 11:56:24AM
you should always be expecting to get hit as soon as you touch gloves.
its called being aware, and if you expect it, then you should be able to block it
8/8/10 11:56:30AM
I'm glad you made this post, brother. I screamed bullshit at my TV when Struve did that. I HATE when fighters do that. If you're going to touch 'em up, then touch 'em up. If not, do what Guida did and say "no thank you"
8/8/10 12:09:52PM
Agreed. I hate cheap shots like that. That's a bitch move.
8/8/10 12:25:07PM
This is why nobody should touch gloves every round. The ref gives the fighters a chance to touch gloves at the beginning of the fight. "The touching gloves at the beginning of every round" is a leftover from the days when mma had to take every single opportunity to show how civilized it was.

It was a bum move by Struve, but thems the rules. If you don't want to get suckered, don't let your guard down after the round starts.
8/8/10 1:09:01PM
I went to high scool with Struve. He used to do that all the time. It got pretty old pretty quick when you try to give someone DAP in the hallway and they follow up with a kick in front of everyone
8/8/10 2:39:01PM
A kid I train with had a fight last weekend before the fight started he puts his hand up to ask are we going to touch the kid he was fighting replyed with a yes the bell rings they touch the dude shoots a double my teammate sprawls takes the back 33 seconds its a rap kid taps to RNC lol I loved every min of it! Its bull **** I won't touch em up ever agian.
8/8/10 4:47:41PM
"Protect yourselves at all times"
8/8/10 4:54:45PM
No rule against it so it's fair game i suppose, it's a cheap shot at the end of the day that i don't think anyone likes to see.
8/8/10 5:36:03PM
I think it's dumb altogether, touch when the ref asks then don't do it again until the fight is gives up range, drops your mental gaurd and is totally unnecissary.
8/8/10 6:02:06PM
It's a little bit cheap but it was a leg kick. It's not like he went to and followed up with a haymaker or a flying knee or head kick. He took a ridiculous beating you've gotta do what you can to win after that. I forgive him because of the round he had to survive.
8/9/10 11:03:06AM
It was kind of a cheap thing to do but protect yourself at all times. Rick Story immediately threw punches at Hazelett right after they touched gloves also.
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