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2/6/08 5:25:56PM
well, normally when we receive a message in our mailbox here on mmaplayground we receive an email in our personal email adress to tell us that we have received a message on mmaplayground.
The premium members receive the complete message, not only a notification.

But since 3 or 4 days, i don't receive the notification anymore, i have checked with 2 of my teamates and they have the same trouble.

Can you tell me what's going on please ?

I also don't receive any email when a guy reply on one of the thread that i have subscribed on.

I have checked my account and everything is ok.

i am scare that when i will send a mass email to all my teamates, they will not receive the notification on their private email address account and some of them who are working non stop may forget to make their picks and wagers.

thanks in advance !!

2/6/08 5:27:34PM
i hacked in and erased them all.

....well, not all. Just your's actually.
i'm sorry about that d00d.

2/11/08 5:26:16PM
its all fixed now. But not thanks to me.
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