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7/21/08 8:21:23PM
earlier today everything was fine but now on my fight camp homepage it is saying that there is only 1 memeber. also on the stats and data page it is saying that we are unranked as of this season. eariler today we were ranked 81. i understand there was a problem with the rankings earlier today and ever since it was fixed it has been saying that our camp has 1 member and that we are unranked as of the new season. if one of the admins could get back to me on this that would be great. thanks
7/22/08 3:03:17AM
I only see one member in your camp. The other 8 are hidden behind that rock in the corner
7/22/08 9:32:07AM
mines doin the same thing. only mine is saying i have 20 members and im currently #1.
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