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1/10/08 2:50:08PM
since a week or so i have problem to edit a lot of my posts.

it happen ramdomly for no specific reason that i can think about.

i click on edit post, the page change to the editing page, i change what i want to change in the post but when i click to the edit post after i have complete my changes, the page don't return to the thread with my new edited post, instead the page comeback to the edit page with my original post on it.

it is like if the final step to go back to the thread with the new edited post don't work.

i have this problem atleast on 7 posts since yesterday only and over 12 posts since 1 week.

what is going on ?


1/10/08 5:10:44PM
why do you edit your posts so often?
1/10/08 5:31:24PM

Posted by loller90278

why do you edit your posts so often?

to correct my ortographe !!

i speak french man !!

1/10/08 6:25:24PM
lol i knew it!
1/14/08 6:09:04PM
I'm having this same problem recently too, can a mod please help me out with this?
1/17/08 9:01:29AM
yep ive had the same problem, goes on and off?!?
1/17/08 10:31:51AM
Are you guys still having this problem? It was supposedly corrected earlier this week.
1/17/08 11:25:26AM
I edited a post a couple days ago and it worked. So I'm guessing everything is alright now.
1/18/08 6:56:08AM
works fine for me now