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12/16/11 3:33:48PM
Undertaker via Hell's Gate
12/16/11 5:15:50PM
Oh this is a great matchup! I see it being a one sided bout, until Christian and Test show up to offer the assist to Their tag team partner! The ref is ko'ed by an exposed turnbuckle, so naturally he misses the melée.

Then, for no reason at all, Kane comes out of nowhere to help his brother! I don't understand it, the Taker must have set Kane on fire five times by now!

Edge, along with Christian and Test, get buried alive, and The Undertaker wins a dramatic casket match
12/17/11 12:22:36AM
Undertaker wins it all. synopsis to be posted tomorrow
12/17/11 4:34:11PM
The Ulitmate Survivor is The Undertaker.

I really enjoyed the Pro Wrestling game, thanks to everyone who joined in.

Im gonna start a modified version of this game in the New Year, if you enjoyed voting on this and my King of the Ring thread keep a look out for it. I will be looking for 8 players.
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