Would Pro-Style Shin Guards Put Up With Bag Work?

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2/17/11 9:56:56PM
I've been searching and reading a lot on different forums and it could be tiring sometime. I manage to pick up some new gears like Ringside IMF Tech Bag Gloves & Fairtex MMA Sparring Gloves. Now with those out of the way I'll be needing some Shin Guards. I barely started about two weeks now. I know for boxing gloves you should use bag gloves on bags and not during sparring. My question is are Pro-Style Shin Guards made for bag work also or is that more for Training Style Shin Guards? I won't be sparring anyone with these at the moment, but I wouldn't want the bulk that the Training Style Shin Guards come with. I know with that bulk comes with more protection, I'm willing to sacrifice a little protection for comfort. Thanks
2/17/11 10:23:26PM
Just kick the bag and kill those nerves now
2/18/11 2:02:53AM
Cool thanks postman.
2/18/11 3:02:36AM
i agree, just kick till it dont hurt anymore, then kick more. you can put some money into gloves, its definitely worth it. make sure to wrap your hands too.
2/18/11 9:07:18AM
As long as you don't have a bag that is like a rock, and a reasonable weight, your shins will be fine and better for it. Shin guards are more for sparring.
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