which pro fighter would you want training you?

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3/1/07 10:51:51PM
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3/2/07 12:11:56AM
I'd have to go with either Tito Ortiz or Randy Couture.
4/10/07 6:21:06PM
chuck liddell and Urijah Faber
4/10/07 6:41:45PM
Well, given the skill level I am at right now, I would say that most top fighters would be beneficial to me.

Kyra Gracie would be nice, but I don't think my wife would like it. lol She doesn't like me training as it is.

Given that I have all the 'skills' and I need to just train (as opposed to learning), I would say I would go for GSP.

He is my size (roughly) and good all around. Plus he is the type of guy that you could hang out with outside the gym too.
8/9/07 11:38:37AM
I would train with Kenny Florian so I could learn to finish people.
8/9/07 11:48:23AM
If I had to pick one person, I would pick Shogun. He trains at the best camp in the world and is an amazing all-around fighter. One of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world.
However, if I could pick different ppl to learn various skillsets, I would go to several different camps. Learn my BJJ from a Gracie (like Diaz) or B.J. Penn, Vale Tudo and/or BJJ at Chute Box Academy, my GnP and wrestling from Militich's camp or Couture, etc. You could learn kickboxing, boxing, muay thai somewhere, and then learn various arts like SAMBO from Fedor or KEMPO at THE PIT, or whatever. I would love to be able to train a couple of years here, a couple of years there. All these camps are great and whether you're with Greg Jackson, Brazilian Top Team, or these other grade-A camps, you're in great hands. Technically, I'd be happy with any of these.
8/9/07 3:02:28PM
I would have to choose Urijah Fabers' camp...Elite Fitness. He more my size and build. His wrestling expertise would be benificial to my improving.
8/9/07 3:43:02PM
Wow, old thread, massive bump!

For me, I'd like to train with Jerome Le Banner, because his striking is ace, but that said, his facilities don't look allthat great (he trains in a wine cellar!) and his team isnt all that great, and I dont know how good a coach he is. He is a phenomenal talent, but how good can he pass it on to others? I just dont know.

I'd train either at the Por Pramuk Gym, or at the Faritex gym. Both are top class Muay Thai gyms, and I'm a Nak Muay with no interest in MMA competition, so they would be perfect for me. Both have produced many champions, Fairtex has produced 30 champions in 32 years of being open! Por Pramuk has many other great champions, including Namsaknoi Por Pramuk and the top fighter in K-1 MAX and Lumpini stadium champ Buakaw Por Pramuk.

I think in the end, I'd like to train at Por Pramuk, they seem to have the edge when it comes to technical striking, everything from their hands, their feet, knees, elbows, clinches and throws are all superb. That said, I wouldnt mind a few days of training with Yodsaenklai Fairtex himself, just so I could get some tips to get power like he has.

K-1 here I come!
8/9/07 3:49:58PM
gotta go with GSP or Liddell
8/9/07 6:03:49PM
Bas Rutten or Matt Serra or Randy Couture one of them
11/19/07 8:51:54PM
matt serra
bj penn
jens pulver
ken shamrock
11/19/07 9:03:43PM
Juanito and Rampage. Best game plans in the business...
11/19/07 10:37:45PM
I'd train with greg jackson camp. alot of great fighters in that camp and I think I would learn alot
11/19/07 10:39:39PM

Posted by jdubs

haha I would say I'd like to train with krazy horse but I'd be afraid that he's ask to help me out with my submission training lol
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