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5/15/08 3:24:56PM
Pro Elite — the parent company of MMA organizations such as Elite XC, King of the Cage, Cage Rage, Icon Sport and others — recently announced that its Web site ( will now feature a video On Demand section.

The upgrade will allow fans to access past fights from each of various promotions, which includes bouts that involve notables such as UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva, UFC Lightweight Champion BJ Penn and many other MMA superstars.

In addition, fans will be able to view under card bouts from Elite XC and other Pro Elite events that weren’t aired on the original broadcasts. Fans will have the option to view single fights starting at .99 cents or entire events for just $4.95.

That’s hard to beat.

Unlimited access will also be available in the form of a “Pro Elite Fight Pass,” which is normally $12.95 a month, but will be on sale for $7.95 a month at an introductory price.

Here’s a snip from Douglas Deluca, Pro Elite executive chairman:

“We have hand picked hours upon hours of high-quality MMA content and provided a compelling online product that is accessible to fans on a global scale. With more than 50 hours of combat currently available and 20 hours added monthly, our Fight Pass offering allows MMA fans to gain instant access to all of the MMA action they can handle.”

Head over to for more information and details.
5/15/08 9:33:50PM
These dudes are opening up the scene to good old capitalist competition, today i copped a 2DVD set of 5, thats FIVE full Rumble on the Rock Events released under proelite with their logo etc for like 12 bucks. Its got bj vs gomi and all sorts of legit fights for dumb cheap. Im UFC all the way but its great to to see someone keep em honest
5/16/08 9:59:45AM
The Proelite service is much easier to access than UFCs;no downloading and the other crap.I checked it out a few days ago and the quality is great,and you can also watch the entire events.
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