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10/26/07 2:50:08PM
On UFC 77 I was 4th place, then a day later I was the 6th person down. I'm still in 4th place since there are two tied for 3rd and I'm tied with another guy for 4th. Am I supposed to get a T-Shirt or something?

Someone on the staff please send me a message.

10/26/07 3:16:19PM
well, i am not from the staff but i know the answer.

you are winning 1000$ if you are first at the end of a season.

you are winning 500$ if you are second at the end of the season.

you are winning 250$ if you are third at the end of the season.

you win a t-shirt if you are from 4th to 10th at the end of the season.

the prize per event is 100$ ( double for premium menber ) if you are in first place for an event.!! Nothing elses .

the prize are for the more points and same thing for the more money.

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