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9/27/09 9:11:57AM
Alcohol hand gel meant to combat swine flu has been banned from a prison after inmates started eating it and became embroiled in a drunken brawl.

Inmates have been drinking the liquid soap placed on their wing after realising it contained alcohol.

The detergent was meant to beat off the threat of swine flu in the Verne Prison on Portland, Dorset.

However, instead of rubbing it into their hands, inmates at the category C prison have been placing their mouths over the dispensers and consuming it.

9/27/09 2:04:41PM
haha what did they think would happen?

I was in jail with guys that snorted nescafe instant coffee, when your locked up like an animal and bored as hell all day EVERY day you will do just about anything to make it a little more interesting.

I for one would have been one of the drunk inmates if I had been there, no doubt in my mind.
9/28/09 4:04:56PM
yea i can see that happening
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