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11/5/07 11:51:14PM
I had always wanted to watch it, since I first saw previews of it. The problem was it always came on opposite of something important, so I never got the chance. Now in it's third season, I found a website that shows full episodes. I have now caught up, and am watching it. I was just wondering if anyone else watches it? I hear people complain about how the show is unbelievable, but I thoroughly enjoy it.
11/6/07 12:01:07AM
i am on it now !!!
11/6/07 12:01:44AM
Prison Break is my favorite show. This 3rd season finally picked up tonight. Except Tea Bag, Sucre, and Bellock aren't involved that much this season. The first season was genious. Absolutely intense. Left you on a cliff hanger every episode. Its so dynamic and enjoyable to watch. Who knows if Michael will break out this season but I'll still watch either way.
11/6/07 12:11:00AM
i saw the previews for the first season and thougth it could be ok. but now it is on the third season! are they out of jail? i have not seen a single episode fully but it was not entertaining to me that is just me though. enjoy.
11/6/07 12:14:55AM
Out of one prison, in another.. Well some of them are.. Lol.
11/6/07 11:56:21AM
F*cking awsome show
11/7/07 4:31:28PM
awesome show! only thing better is Lost.....and maybe family guy.
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