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7/3/12 2:46:43PM
Pretty interesting opinion piece from ESPNs Chad Dundas about the upcoming Silva/Sonnen rematch & the position Chael has put himself in.

7/3/12 4:36:58PM
A resounding.....YES.....hard part is over

Chael is sooo far in An-der-son's head that An-der-son is reciting passages from The Voice of Reason.
7/3/12 10:30:29PM
if you texted your boss and it turned out he didn’t even know who you were, what would you do?
Tell him that I'm his boss and he should give the actual me a raise
7/4/12 4:48:24PM
Sonnen has succeeded in making me want to punch him and his mother in the face. That's about it though. Can't wait to see his face get turned into an innie

EDIT: I'd punch Chael's mother in the face but it would feel too much like fisting a donkey, so i'll let her off this time