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1/14/09 8:30:32PM
Anyone watching UFC Primetime tonight?
1/14/09 8:31:31PM
1/14/09 8:32:37PM
Cant wait fresh UFC love the smell.
1/14/09 8:47:16PM
hell yeah...
1/14/09 8:52:04PM
Word , to your mother
1/14/09 9:08:36PM
man v food and then primetime.
1/14/09 10:31:56PM
All I have to say is BJ better be training 100%
1/14/09 10:42:55PM
BJ is afraid , really afraid, he don't even believe what he says !!
In modern MMA, pure skill is no longer enough, you have to be a machine everywhere, specially against the most complete fighter of all time.

i predict GSP by BRUTAL KO somewhere between the end of rd 2 and middle of rd 3.

1/14/09 10:47:48PM
Just finished watching it on my DVR. I'm curious what BJ's walk-around weight is on the show. I know that the footage is less then a week old. Dana said in an interview yesterday that some of the footage on tonight's show was taped the day before airing.

BJ didn't look to be in spectacular shape. I know he's no physical specimen like GSP, but he looked like he might be walking around at 180 or so. I was leaning toward GSP before the show. My mind is pretty set now.
1/15/09 12:33:42PM
I think BJ is slacking, is taking vacation, GSP is training alot harder IMO, BJ better walkmin with a game plan.JMO
1/17/09 2:58:34PM
Anyone got a link to where i can see it online ?
1/17/09 3:40:17PM
i got it set to record tonigth
1/21/09 8:39:04PM
2nd episode on tonight, it's apparently supposed to good, as smack talk, even though it's staged I'll be watching.
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