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6/12/08 2:45:27AM
Not to say the Crow would have won before he was destroyed by Franklin but David vs Anderson wouls've had to be a hell of a fight right?

What do you guys think I mean that guy was a beast from what I remember back in 2005.

Elbows vs Knees and maybe throw a couple craniums into the equation lol could've been a great fight.

6/12/08 4:38:35AM
dude...first of all if your going to leave any sort of a post... learn to spell the fighters name.( out of respect ) david loiseau. the guy still belongs in the ufc. he's not on the same level as the top ufc mw fighters anymore- silva, hendo, okami, bisping, almeida, cote.
6/12/08 6:45:59AM
"David Liuoso" butchered ............. only slightly

Tip for remembering how to spell the crows surname, superman giving it to lois lane, so "lois-e-a-u" ............... yes he does say e a u when he climaxes! a yorkshire superman for sure

But yeah if David had beaten Frankln when they fought, and i mean he wasnt far away in terms of he did drop him, then i thnk he would give Silva a tougher fight just in terms of how their styles matchup

Loiseau should NEVER have been cut from the UFC when he was!
6/12/08 9:24:56AM
He's an interesting matchup because both guys like to stand and Louiseau's technique and athleticisim seem similar to Anderson\'s. But I don't think it would have actually been that close. Although the punches and kicks might be thrown with the same velocity, Anderson has a timing and accuracy in his shots that no other MMA fighter seems to match. He is also taller than Louiseau and a much better fighter in the clinch. I would predict a few competitive exchanges, then Silva starts to land a few cleanly, stuns Louiseau and then finishes him in a clinch within the first couple rounds.

Cung Le is the only MW fighter who I think might be competitive on his feet with Silva. And if he is Silva is in trouble, because Le is also a good wrestler.
6/12/08 12:24:42PM
Loiseau is a great fighter, one whom i respect a great deal, but all of his fights as of late it seems that he has lost the fire. He is tentative in his striking and just can't seem to pull the trigger. He has all the tool, i just think mentally he hasn't been in the game since the Franklin fight. Its a real shame too because i've always been a fan of his.
6/12/08 12:34:56PM
ya think you butchered it? LOLLL thats cool though hahaha nice touch. I got a better way for you to remember how to write the name though. Loiseau in french translates to "the bird" and well his nickname is the crow. Now u can write his name and "bird" in french!
6/12/08 6:12:04PM
Silva is the more complete fighter. He would pick Loiseau apart from the outside, drop him, and finish him off with some standing ground and pound.
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